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Sharma Ji Ke Papa

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For this Father’s Day, Bandhan Mutual Fund’s posted nice video , “Sharma ji ke Papa” which encourages senior citizens to move from being saver to investor in neat humorus way.

Father's Day

The video uses a humorous contrast between Sharma Ji’s Papa and Verma Ji to deliver a financial message. Sharma Ji’s Papa is depicted as tech-savvy, effortlessly ordering groceries, controlling a car, and using a dishwasher – presumably all through automation. However, despite his comfort with technology, he seems unaware of financial management. The video playfully points out his seemingly large savings account balance.

Verma Ji, on the other hand, might be less tech-adept, but his eyes light up when the conversation turns to bank balances. This is because he has invested most of his money, prioritizing returns over a high account balance. As a result, Verma Ji enjoys healthy returns, while Sharma Ji’s money remains stagnant in his bank account.

In essence, the video uses Sharma Ji’s Papa as a relatable character to highlight the importance of financial literacy, even in the age of technology. It encourages viewers to be proactive with their finances, and not simply rely on the security of a large savings account.

We recommend checking out the video for a lighthearted take on this important message!

This Father’s Day, help Dad transform from saver to investor! We can show him how to grow his wealth for a brighter future. Connect with us to learn more!

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