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From Appathon to SIPathon

23 Apr 2024 - Tushar
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Akash, a rising star in Bangalore’s IT firmament, had a serious case of the ‘Now or Never’ syndrome. Every shiny new gadget, from the latest phone that could practically beam him to work to a VR headset promising digital nirvana, whispered sweet nothings in his ear.

Appathon to SIPathon

The result? A graveyard of half-used tech toys and a bank account that resembled a malnourished marathon runner – all potential, no stamina.

Then came his promotion, a hefty raise that felt like a financial meteor shower. Akash, ever the impulsive shopper, was about to embark on a spending spree of epic proportions when his ever-practical flatmate, Maya, intervened. “Akash,” she declared, with the air of a Zen master about to impart ancient financial wisdom, “an EMI a month keeps the wealth manager away!” Thus began Akash’s financial awakening.

Enter Bachat Babu, a financial advisor with a smile as disarming as a compound interest rate. He took Akash on a tour of his bank statements, highlighting the never-ending stream of gadget-related EMIs. “These gadgets depreciate faster than your boss’s patience in a stand-up meeting,” Bachat Babu quipped, his humor a welcome break from the looming numbers.

Bachat Babu, with the strategic finesse of a coding architect, devised a plan. First, they tackled the mountain of EMIs. Akash consolidated his debts, bringing down the interest rates. Next, they said a tearful goodbye to the ‘Now or Never’ monster. Instead, Bachat Babu introduced Akash to the magic of SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans). “Think of it as setting your money on autopilot to financial freedom,” Bachat Babu explained. Akash, a whiz at automation, loved the idea.

Slowly, Akash’s spending habits transformed. The urge to buy the latest phone was replaced by the satisfaction of watching his investments grow. He discovered a hidden passion for cooking, turning expensive restaurant nights into budget-friendly culinary adventures with Maya (who secretly rejoiced at the healthier Akash).

Years later, Akash, a reformed gadget hoarder and a champion of SIPs, was a changed man. He’d paid off his loans, accumulated a tidy sum, and even managed to buy a swanky new apartment (sans any crippling EMIs, of course). He still bought the occasional tech toy, but now it was a conscious choice, not a knee-jerk reaction. Akash, the once impulse-driven IT whiz, was now a beacon of financial responsibility, a legend whispered in hushed tones around the office water cooler – the man who slayed the EMI dragon and befriended the SIP knight! His story became a Bangalore IT folktale, a reminder that financial planning wasn’t about deprivation, but about making smart choices and building a secure future, one well-timed investment at a time.


While the characters and situations in this story are as fictional as a unicorn coder, any parallels to your own life, past gadget purchases, or sudden urges to invest in a home hoverboard are purely coincidental. Consider it financial fanfiction, a lighthearted exploration of how to wrangle your rupees and avoid the debt dragon – all without spilling any virtual reality tears.

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