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Running, SIP and Coaching!

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As I recuperated from my one Sunday morning run, I took a look at my Strava statistics and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had run a total of 5,000 kilometers. When I shared this achievement with my running buddies, one of them, who is RIA as well, compared it to SIP. Well, literally it looks like the case. It took me a total of 432 runs to clock in these kilometers. So, on average, I ran just 11.58 km per run. Now that sounds easy and doable, isn’t it?

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But did I run always 11.58 km every time?

Not really. In fact, when I started running sometime in 2019, I could barely run even 5 kilometers. It would be more of a walk and some running and a lot of many breaks. There was barely any tracking as well. When I heard one of my office colleagues and friend run Half Marathon (21.2 kilometers) the first thought that came to my mind was will I even ever be able to ride that much distance on a bicycle? But I guess I was lucky enough and got introduced to my running coach and running club because of training sessions organized by marathon organizers. While there are numerous books, videos, and articles available which can help you to learn to run and become better at it, the coach is someone who monitors you, guides you, and controls you when you get too much excited.

Was it a smooth journey to 5,000 KM after getting a coach?

Not really. There were many ups and downs. But the coach helped me stay on the ground and keep focused. Coaching, consistency, and sticking to the schedule whatever the weather outside, turned into an accumulation of big running miles.

SIP for building wealth

In investing, SIP or Systematic Investment Plans, I believe work in a similar way. Once you set a SIP schedule with your coach aka “financial advisor” for a particular goal, stick with it whatever the market conditions. Sometimes markets will go up and other times they will crash like a house of cards. The goals which look impossible at the beginning become reality as you stay consistent and accumulate wealth.

Run for good health and SIP for good wealth!

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