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  • Why Young Person Should Take Health Insurance?

    Health insurance is an essential aspect of personal finance that is often overlooked by young adults. Many young people believe that they are healthy and don’t need health insurance, but this is a dangerous assumption. Health insurance is a crucial investment that can protect you from financial ruin in the event of a medical emergency. In this article, we will discuss the importance of health insurance at a young age.

  • How to Prepare Retirement Plan

    Retirement is a significant milestone in everyone’s life. It is a time when you can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. However, retirement planning is often overlooked or put off until it’s too late. Planning for retirement is essential as it ensures that you have the financial resources to live comfortably after you retire.

  • Happy Akshaya Trithiya

  • Exploring Alternative Investment Options in India

    Alternative investments have become increasingly popular in recent years as investors seek new ways to diversify their portfolios and generate returns. In India, where traditional investment options such as Fixed Deposits, Post office savings schemes, Insurance savings schemes, Gold, Stocks, Mutual Funds are dominant, alternative investments have gained momentum and offer several options for investors to explore.

  • 5 Steps to Getting Started in Investing for Young Indians

    Congratulations on taking the first step towards investing! As a young person in India, it’s important to start investing your money early in life to take advantage of the power of compounding. Investing can help you achieve your long-term financial goals, such as buying a home, starting a business, or saving for your retirement. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you need to take to get started in investing.