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  • Investing for Building Wealth: What Cricket Can Teach Us

    Investing for building wealth can be compared to two different formats of cricket - T20 and Test Match. Both require different skills, patience, and a long-term view to succeed. In this article, we will explore how T20 and Test Cricket can teach us about investing for building wealth.

  • Taxation on Liquid Funds - Updated for Finance Bill 2023 (Budget 2023)

    Mutual funds are a popular investment option in India. There are two main types of mutual funds i.e., Equity Funds and Debt Funds. Debt funds invest in various debt instruments making them less volatile compared to Equity Funds. There are various types of debt funds such as Overnight Funds, Liquid Money Market Funds, Ultra-Short Duration Funds, Low Duration Funds, Long Duration Funds, Corporate Bond Funds, Credit Risk Funds, etc. Each of these funds caters to the different needs of investors.

  • Rupeek Bonds

    Opportunity to participate in senior secured bonds of Rupeek, one of India’s fastest-growing NBFC providing Gold Loan solutions at Pre-Tax IRR of 12.5%

  • Berar Aug'22 Bond's

    Senior Secured Unlisted Bond’s offering XIRR of 10.5% will be available from 12th August, 2022.

  • From Millennials To Millionaires

    “From Millennials to Millionaires”- An investor education initiative under #SavingsInvestmentsAndYou.