Invest in Oxyzo Bonds for 9.55% Returns

Oxyzo is a technology-enabled NBFC, which primarily provides secured and unsecured working capital loans to SMEs in the core sectors of the economy which can only be used for procurement of raw material. Oxyzo is currently serving 3000+ SMEs across India, disbursing 4000+ crores per annum, and has 2000+ crores as AUM. Senior Secured bonds offering 9.5% XIRR are issued by this NBFC for a tenure of 2 years.

Key highlights about this bond issue:

  • Pre-tax returns : ~9.5%
  • Minimum investment: ~₹10,000/-
  • Maturity tenure: 2 years
  • Interest Payment Annually, principal payment at maturity
  • Collateral Size: 1.2X of asset size
  • Issue Size: ₹ 30 Cr

How to invest in this opportunity?

There are multiple ways to invest in this bond issue.

  • Go to our partner platform Wint and sign up directly to invest in this bond issue.
  • Fill this form with some basic details. We will connect with you and provide you with more details about the investment option which is suitable for your financial goals.

For some more details about this bond issue do check out this video.

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