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Connect Residuary Private Limited : LeaseX Shield ATM

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Type : Securitized Debt Instrument
Pre Tax IRR : 11 %
Payment Frequency :
Tenure : 34 Months
Minium Investment : INR 274.42 Thousand
Deal Size : INR 300 Lakh

CRISIL A+ Rated : LeaseX - SHIELD ATM. Shield the risk by leasing ATMs to India's largest payment solutions provider. Connect Residuary Private Limited (“Connect”), a decade-old leasing company is leasing 183 Automated Teller Machines (“ATMs”) to AGS Transact Technologies Limited (“Company” or “Lessee” or “AGS”). The lease rentals are offered in the form of a fixed-income instrument to investors. This is enabled via a SEBI regulated instrument called Securitized Debt Instrument.

 LeaseX Shield ATM