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  • Abans Global Arbitrage Fund: A Deep Dive

    Abans Investment Managers, a wealth management firm focused on global markets, offers an Arbitrage Fund – Abans Global Arbitrage Opportunities Fund. This investment aims to generate returns by exploiting price discrepancies between various global commodities and currency futures contracts traded on international exchanges.

  • Foreign Institutional Investors: A Critical Force in India's Financial Landscape

    Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) are a cornerstone of any thriving financial market, and India is no exception. These entities, which can be investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies, or even individual investors from outside India, play a crucial role in the country’s economic growth and market stability. Let’s delve deeper into the role, importance, and effects of FIIs in India.

  • Growing Their Future: Why Mutual Funds Are a Smart Investment for Minors

    Planning for a child’s future is an inherent parental instinct. From saving for their education to securing their financial independence, every step counts. While traditional savings accounts have their place, consider a powerful tool for long-term wealth creation for your child - mutual funds in their name.

  • Don't Panic Sell!

    Let’s face it, the market swings in last 2 days due to the Loksabha Election results have been enough to make even the most seasoned investor sweat. But before you hit that “sell” button or consider pausing your SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), take a deep breath and let’s talk strategy.

  • Strava and SIPs: How One Cyclist Conquered Both Roads and Finances

    The crisp June air stung Meera’s cheeks as she pumped her tires, a familiar pre-ride ritual. Today wasn’t just any ride; it was World Bicycle Day, and Meera, a seasoned cyclist with a map tattooed on her calf, was determined to celebrate in style. Her trusty steed, Laila, a sturdy aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork, gleamed in the rising sun, ready to conquer the planned 100-kilometer loop through the vibrant countryside.