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  • Shield Your Savings

    The world of mutual funds offers a path to financial growth, but it also attracts cybercriminals seeking to exploit unsuspecting investors.

  • Unveiling Multiple Opportunities in Fractional Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate (CRE) refers to properties used for business purposes, like offices, retail spaces, warehouses, and hotels. Owning CRE can be a lucrative investment, offering rental income and the potential for capital appreciation. However, CRE has historically been out of reach for many investors due to the high entry cost.

  • Ram Navami: A Time for Reflection, Financial Planning, and New Beginnings

    As the joyous festival of Ram Navami dawns, marking the birth of Lord Rama, a sense of renewal and fresh beginnings fills the air. This year, the celebration coincides with the recent opening of the grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya, a monumental occasion for millions of devotees. Let’s take this opportunity to reflect on the values embodied by Lord Rama and how they can be applied not only to our spiritual lives but also to our financial well-being.

  • Understanding Surrender Value in Your Insurance Policy

    Insurance experts frequently encounter policyholders with questions about surrender value. Simply put, surrender value is the amount an insurance company pays you if you decide to terminate your life insurance policy before it matures. It’s important to understand surrender value before making any decisions, as surrendering your policy can have significant financial implications.

  • NFO Alert : Bandhan Mutual Fund Launches Innovation Fund

    Bandhan Mutual Fund came into existence after a consortium led by Bandhan Financial Holdings Limited (BFHL) acquired IDFC AMC in 2022. IDFC Mutual Fund had been operating since 2000. Therefore, while the Bandhan Mutual Fund name is new, it inherits a 24+ year history.